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Ethan Haas Was Right
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Ethan Haas Was Right
Who is Ethan Haas? Is Ethan Haas Was Right related to Cloverfield? What is Divinus?

What's going on?

2nd-Aug-2007 10:38 am(no subject)
free rice
so, it's official now!

1st-Aug-2007 10:37 pm - Triton Enterprises
New poster~ Hey, everyone.

So, seeing as how it's August 1st and nothing interesting is happening yet, I decided to poke around a little - starting with the Triton Enterprises website.
( http://www.tritonenterprises.net/ )

I checked back a few posts and it doesn't seem like anyone has said anything about this, so I'll go ahead.  There's a mysterious sort of press release from the 17th of July available for viewing at the page.
( http://www.tritonenterprises.net/Triton%20Press%20Release_7-17-07.pdf )

I can't recall if it was on the site before, but there's an email there too - information@tritonenterprises.net
When I sent them a message, I got this in response:

subject: [Security Protocol T1987E] Temporary Security Measures

Due to a recent breach in security at our facility in Washington State Triton Enterprises has been required to engage a DoD level 4 security lock down.

This security protocol is a requirement for all Department of Defense contractors when a minor security violation has been detected.

Unfortunately due to the requirements of the lock down we must postpone all scheduled tours of our facility.

Please be patient as we clear up this minor problem. We apologize if this lock down impacts any orders you may have with us.

Once we are back online we will continue towards our goal of building the future one vision at a time.

If you need more information please contact me at anytime.

Kellie Graham


1st-Aug-2007 04:19 pm(no subject)
I'm on ethanhaaswasright.com, and I don't notice anything different. I've gotten no email. Am I missing something?
Sorry if this is incredibly pointless, but I was expecting something to happen. It is August 1st, right?
31st-Jul-2007 04:39 pm(no subject)
This is just a reminder that tomorrow is August 1st, the day we're supposed to "report" back to the Ethan Haas Was Right web site with the key code:
"Haas’s visions end here. What happens next is completely up to you. You’ve unlocked the key code that will bring you reward for your dedication of your cause, but it will first start to be of value on August 1st, and you will only have 30 days to use it. Take note of this code, it will help you get your preparations underway for the new world of which you are now part of whether you like it or not. But what role you play, and how you live or die is completely up to you. It begins August 1st. We will meet back here on that day."
19th-Jul-2007 09:06 am(no subject)
giraffe!  :D
Over the last few days EthanHaas.org has been attacked by hackers and spammers. Regardless of what you choose to call them, they have attempted to overload our servers by flooding our in boxes with millions of emails. If you have experienced problems with website, this is the reason why. We have installed new security protocols, which will stop these attempts to shut us down.

This is exactly what the enemy wants, to stop the free flow of truth, ideas and information among the believers. They continue to fight, but will not prevail. Stand strong!

Thanks to each and every one of you...

Anyone else get this?
18th-Jul-2007 05:02 am - Latest from the Mezin Source
Wow, we're in need of some updates here, no? Does anyone know if this Erik Haas who claims to be Ethan's brother is in-game or some out-of-game schmuck trying to cash in? I'll make a separate post for that, just for organization's sake, if he turns out to be a hack.

Anyways, here is the latest two posts from EthanHaasWasWrong, with translation:
वेयर हस योर लीडर गोने?
Where has your leader gone?

हस वन अबंदोनेद यू? वन क्लैम्स तो हवे मोरे व्रितिन्ग्स फ्रॉम हास? इफ सो वेयर अरे थेय?
Has Van abandoned you? Van claims to have more writings from Haas. If so, where are they?
इस हे अफ्रैद तो शो हिम्सेल्फ़ ओर पेर्हप्स हे क्नोव्स थे व्रितिन्ग्स ऑफ़ हास अरे मेअनिंग्लेस।
Is he afraid to show himself or perhaps he knows the writings of Haas are meaningless.
वी कॉल आउट तो वन, वेयर एवर हे इस हिदिंग तो रेवेअल हिम्सेल्फ़ फ़ॉर वहत हे रेअल्ल्य इस इफ हे डेस नॉट वी विल एक्ष्पोसे तो थे वर्ल्ड वहत वन रेअल्ल्य इस........
We call out to Van wherever he is hiding to reveal himself for what he really is. If he doesn't, we will expose to the world what Van really is........

हे काल्स तो थे स्टार्स?
He calls to the stars?

हस हिस इन्सनिटी गोने थिस फार?
Has his insanity gone this far?
वन नोव काल्स आउट तो थे स्टार्स? वहत लैस इनसाइड थे स्टार्स ऑफ़ कास्सिओपिया?
Van now calls out to the stars? What lays inside the stars of Cassiopeia?

Now every time I've tried emailing the Mezin Source (mezinsource[at]gmail.com) I get an auto-reply of whatever the latest post is. I don't know if there is any one else has gotten something different. As for Cassiopeia... I'm not going to begin speculating until I get my hands on some coffee. By all means, though, start guessing without me. ^_~

And would anyone care to fill in with the Triton Enterprises stuff? I haven't got a clue what's going on there and will leave that to someone more knowledgeable to explain.
17th-Jul-2007 11:03 pm - two new images!
Apparently, J.J. Abrams got the idea for the monster from a drawing his young nephew did:

And this screenshot was captured from a flicker in the trailer:


OMG, I am SO excited about this!!!
12th-Jul-2007 06:30 pm(no subject)
giraffe!  :D

New picture added. I know you guys think the two aren't related, but I can't help but think they are.
12th-Jul-2007 09:08 am(no subject)
giraffe!  :D
Alright, so this morning I woke up and found a new e-mail from Van in my inbox:

I think I’m safe, for now.  Wherever I go it isn’t long before they find me.  

It seems The Mezin are connected to every aspect of humanity, from culture and
religion to our most advanced technology

I have to be more careful contacting all of you. When I began I thought I could
safely speak about his writings and perhaps save us all...

but now it seems I will have to find a more subtle way to share his

If this is the first message you have received from me do not give up hope!
There are others that have gone before you, the way has been found, you only
need to search and you will find the answers you seek. We will all have a role
to play. We are getting stronger, our voices will be heard!

I have more of Haas’s writings, once I find a secure way to transmit them I will
leave you clues to find them.

The more I read the more I realize Haas was right………

Any suspicions?  Anyone get the same/ similar e-mail?

Alright never mind, someone already posted this e-mail.  My vote is this is going to be a RPG starting August 1st.
11th-Jul-2007 09:54 pm - Oh e-mails, you so fun.
This is curious:

I just received an e-mail from 7cm@ethanhaas.org, the same address that, if you send them an e-mail, they will auto-reply with

'We have been forced underground...it's up to you to spread the truth now.


I'm not entirely sure what it means, but about eight minutes ago I received this, without having sent any new messages to that address:

'Van has made contact and the Haas transcripts are for the most part...safe. Steven recovered them at a great loss.  You will be updated as to any further events.

Curious, indeed. My mind is foggy tonight-- any ideas?

EDIT: LJ was being a meanie and didn't post my entire entry. Sorry about that.
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